China unveils its clone of the “Big Dog” robot

Norinco-RobotNorinco, the Chinese defense giant has for several years a similar project at the Big Dog from Boston Dynamics. “The Da Guo” Chinese copy seems to scale slightly reduced LS3 American Big Dog.
So we do not know what will be the future of American robot since the acquisition by Google of its designer, China continues to develop its quadruped platform. Norinco has just introduced wearing a military camouflage that raises doubt about the purpose of this research project.

A Big Dog in the Chinese army

Chinese or American? Testing of the Big Dog Chinese continue.

Chinese or American? Testing of the Big Dog Chinese continue.

A recent exhibition in Tianjin Norinco allowed journalists to discover some of the innovations that prepares the manufacturer. Along with several inflatable drones, the provider of char and various arms of the Chinese army had the technical details of a similar robot from Boston Dynamics Big Dog. Launched a few years ago, the Chinese clone of the American LS3 continues to evolve. Chinese recasts them late so that, paradoxically, the future of American robot could be compromised by the acquisition of Boston Dynamics by Google.
The Chinese army she will have finally before the American army?

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