Green Dino, an artificial intelligence for children

CogniToysThe first time that I attended a conference with Nicolas Negroponte, the founder of the Media Lab at the MIT and of Wired magazine, he defended the thesis that next connected objects would be… toys. It was in Berlin, in 2001. At the time it seemed impossible and the audience remained rather incredulous. Since connected objects are increasingly common, and the idea of connected toy has nothing of a chimera. Better, the CogniToys project aims not only to offer toddlers a small dinosaur connected, but this one will be connected to the most sophisticated artificial intelligence of the moment, the IBM Watson.

IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence hidden in CogniToys

CogniToys-Green-DinoCogniToys Green Dino is not even able to walk or even to shake legs and yet it will be the most advanced high-tech toy never marketed. It will make available the Watson of IBM artificial intelligence available to each child. At a certain age, we love question incorrectly and through, that triumphed over the Jeopardy will probably answer them. It may also tell them a story, distract them, etc. Infinite patience with artificial intelligence can valuable aveer in this task difficult.
Element Path has placed its project on KickStarter, with aims to raise $50,000 on crowdfunding platform. 28 days before the data due, the startup has already attracted nearly $75,000, which should ensure the release of the Dino from now until March 2015, as advertised.
The project was initiated almost 1 year ago. Element Path participated in the challenge IBM Watson Mobile App Developer, a challenge that the startup has won with its application ‘friendgine ‘. Since Element PAth has refined its Business Model and placing on an object approach connected to commercialize its offer with children.
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