The European Commission refocus the Human Brain Project

Human-Brain-ProjectThat is, with graphene, one of two major programmes for technological research funded by the European commission. Each has a funding of 1.2 billion euros of funding. An unprecedented effort for the Human Brain Project, extensive research program that aims to boost European research in neuroscience, but also simulate a human brain on supercomputers to 2023. An extremely ambitious project that made the objects of criticism from the scientific community. An independent report evokes multiple tracks to deliver the program on track.

The first virtual mouse was born on the computers of the HBP

Virtual-MouseSay that after a year of work, the Human Brain Project has given birth to a mouse would be unfair… and this is still the case! On February 23, the team of Professor Marc-Oliver Gewaltig researchers unveiled a virtual mouse with a simplified brain of 200,000 neurons ($ 75 million for the original) connected to an also virtual body. A contact on virtual whiskers and software the rodent brain reacts as its model.
If the HBP began publishing its first results, the research program has been the object of criticism and an open published Web letter received almost 800 signatures of neuroscientists. The output of neurosciences integrative and cognitive of the perimeter of the project have raised the ire of the scientific community.

The neuromorphique Spikey chip developed by researchers at the University of Heidelberg

The neuromorphique Spikey chip developed by researchers at the University of Heidelberg

Faced with this Sling, the governing body of the NBP told Professor Wolfgang Marquardt the preparation of a mediation report. Thirty researchers were tasked to prepare a report of mediation in order to round the corners with the scientific community. New governance with clear separation of research, the development of the strategy, the management of project and their supervision and yet new Scientific Committee, reintegration of the scientific areas excluded, the report makes a number of proposals.
Wolfgang Marquardt, questioned by the Swiss newspaper Le Temps is convinced that the reinstatement of the neuroscientific disciplines will feed new data platforms developed by the HBP in new knowledge. Scientific progress which, in addition to a reconciliation with the scientific community and also a greater relevance in computer models which will be developed as well as the tools, robotics and computers Neuromorphic coming out of the Human Brain Project Labs.

The European Community requires the consortium to take measures from now until June 2015

HBPIn parallel, the European commission is delivered to an evaluation of the program, a year after the official launch. Its report highlights the quality of the work provided by the BPH but to given an ultimatum to the consortium. It must provide from now until June 2015 development plan from a point of view engineering (platforms test plans, technical specifications, validation and deployment roadmap. In addition, the HBR will have put in place a risk management, publish the specifications of its integration modules, as well as publish its data structures. Finally, the European Commission wants the Human Brain Project adheres to the rules of copyright and management of intellectual property according to the rules in place at the launch of the project.

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