Tesla : an electroshock therapy to automakers

Ford Focus ElectricUntil recently, automakers looked at Tesla as a small manufacturer of niche perfectly harmless. It should be well recognize that the prohibitive price of the Model S a car of exception. Nevertheless the enthusiasm aroused by the brand and doing the electric car is now clear. Rather rare until today, the big manufacturers who relied on the power should be many more in the image of Ford who has announce unlock $ 4.5 billion to electrify its range.

13 electrified models in Ford catalogue by 2020


The electric Ford Focus, first model 100% of Ford will be joined by several other models in the coming years.

Ford is the example of many of the major global automotive manufacturers. An electric vehicle in the range “to see”, but not really of strategy. A situation that will change quickly. Ford has announced that it will invest $ 4.5 billion to develop a complete range of hybrid vehicles, hybrid rechargeable and pure electric. The American is 5 years to bring to market not least of 13 vehicles. An effort to R & D, engineering and marketing without precedent for the constructor that does not have only an electric Focus in the catalogue as well as some hybrids.

Toyota, undisputed master of the hybrid, prefers to shoot red balls on the 100% electric car, especially because it’s the workhorse of rival Renault/Nissan. With its Mirai, Toyota plays the “after stroke”, IE the stack hydrogen fuel. For its part, Volkswagen was figuration with its e-Golf and the Audi A3 e-tron.

Porsche Mission E

The Mission E concept will be marketed by Porsche by 2020 to counter Tesla.

The “dieselgate” will no doubt accelerate the electrification of the leading manufacturer. In the meantime the big night, it is by high-end VW account counter Tesla Motors. An electric Phaeton is scheduled for 2020 and Porsche, today in head-on competition with the American, will try to counter this buzz come to Silicon Valley who starts to become annoying to the ears of German leaders. Porsche will therefore produce in series its concept as Mission E, an all-electric sedan that will have the task of countering the Tesla Model S. It is announced for ‘before 2020’, definitely the date key for the development of the electric car.
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