Will automakers be uberised by the autonomous car?

Google-CarThe autonomous car arrived and it arrived faster than expected. While the roadmap of automakers ranged, step after step, up to 2030, date from which first totally autonomous cars should finally be marketed. Only everything won’t happen as in the books. The Juniper Research firm has just delivered its forecasts: there will be 20 million completely autonomous cars on the roads… as soon as 2025. The cycle of innovation will accelerate and some car manufacturers will have to watch this revolution in the passenger seat when it is not on the edge of the road.

Google and Apple, surprise guests in the autonomous car market

Daimler is the 'traditional' automaker best placed the challenge of the autonomous car.

Daimler is the ‘traditional’ automaker best placed the challenge of the autonomous car.

Who, by 2025, will be the 5 first automakers on the emerging market of car 100% autonomous? On the 5 biggest world manufacturers today, Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, GM, Fiat Chrysler, one appears in the list of the leaders of the 2025 of the autonomous car market. Of course, with 20 million vehicles sold, this market will represent only 1% of all the vehicles sold, but in terms of image with regard to innovation, this observation sounds like a slap to the industrial behemoths that are the big automakers.

For analysts Juniper Research, the 5 most promising players on the market of the autonomous car are:

  1. 1. Google
  2. 2. Volvo
  3. 3. Daimler
  4. 4. Tesla
  5. 5. Apple

Tesla-Model-SGoogle and Apple go there until industrialization and will they uberiser traditional manufacturers? Until today, Google has rather made the message that he will rely on the traditional manufacturers, that will happen in the future no one doesn’t know, and what will be the strategy of Apple in this market. Following its project Titan, will the manufacturer to Apple go to commercialization of a car? Impossible to say when we see the time it took to Apple before launching his connected watch, a device yet close its iPod and iPhone. Patience still little rewarded in the light of home mixed to the public for the Apple Watch.

Finally, Tesla, the speedier to commercialize a partially autonomous car is certainly better placed currently to shake up traditional manufacturers. Yet should it raise its industrial tool in cadence to weigh against dozens of plants of traditional manufacturers.

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Source : “Self-driving cars to take off by 2021, approaching 20M on read by 2015”, Juniper Research, December 1st, 2015

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