Europe built the first intelligent Freeway between Rotterdam and Vienna

CorridorThe first intelligent highway will enter into service in 2015. It will connect Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Munich to Vienna. Dubbed “Cooperative ITS Corridor”, ITS meaning Intelligent Transport System/intelligent transportation systems, this corridor will be equipped with communication system that will enable the highway infrastructure to communicate with the State of the road vehicles, any areas of work and traffic jams. This corridor will be opened between the country, the Germany and the Austria this year. The number of connected services will gradually increase to improve the safety of motorists.

An Austria-Germany-Netherlands axis formed on V2x technologies

It is in June 2013 that the Amsterdam group, it means the Ministers of transport of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria had signed the memorandum of understanding. By 2015, a corridor will unify the motorways connecting Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna. Throughout the journey, a Wi – Fi infrastructure will be deployed in order to communicate with vehicles that will use the corridor. During the phase 1 of the project, only simple messages will be sent, as for example work zones. Data are transmitted between highway infrastructure and vehicles (transmission V2I) either relayed vehicle to vehicle (V2V). The standard ETSI ITS – G5 release 1 must enable these devices to communicate between them without a hitch.

Helmond experimentation to proven that even though few vehicles are equipped, the improvements on traffic are sensitive.

Helmond experimentation to proven that even though few vehicles are equipped, the improvements on traffic are sensitive.

In phase 2, more elaborate messages will prevent motorists from fog areas, accidents. The next phase will enrich the data with those collected by the vehicles themselves. These are the cars that will point out the areas of fog, rain, the average speed on each network segment, etc. The final phase of the project will consist of automation of the system to manage traffic in real time, in anointing of the actual traffic situation.

This continental dimension experiment follows a first test on a stretch of 8 km between Helmond and Eindhoven. It was equipped with cameras all 100 m and Wi – Fi transmitters every 500 m. infrastructure that allows to localize each vehicle with an accuracy of 1 m only 7 trucks, 25 cars electric, 5 bus and 5 emergency vehicles had been equipped. With the corridor Rotterdam/Vienna, Europe changes dimension.

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