South Korea issued its first license plate for an autonomous car

self-driving-Hyundai-Genesis After the United States, south Korea registered its first autonomous car. The act is obviously more symbolic than real technological step since other countries, such as Germany, Japan and France have mastered autonomous driving at various stages. However, this plate shows the evolution that seems inevitable in the autonomous car in industrialized countries. It’s Hyundai Motor, which received its license in the hands of Kang Ho-in, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea, March 7, 2016.

Hyundai gets a very restrictive license to roll its autonomous Genesis

The history of the autonomous car will retain it’s a Hyundai Genesis, which received the first license plate dedicated to a car without a driver.

The Korean manufacturer already working for several years on autonomous driving, especially with EQ900 whose robot was still partial. He hopes to master the advanced autonomous driving (where the driver must give the desired direction for the vehicle are lead) by 2020, with the aim of marketing a 100% autonomous car in 2030, a car capable leaving its parking fetch passengers and carry them to their destination. Hyundai has announced its intention to invest $ 1.7 billion by 2018 to develop this technology.

The objective of the Korean government and Hyundai is to catch up with Google but for now the robotic Hyundai Genesis will have access only 6 locations including 41 km of highways and 320 km of national roads 5. The license granted prohibited for now driving without driver. A driver shall hold the steering wheel and in the permitted areas, it will connect the autonomous driving mode. A recorder must retain all traces of the course. The Korean authority imposes even the presence of a controller in the car so that it checks the behavior of the vehicle but also of the human driver.

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