Korea injects 2,6 billion dollars in its robotics plan

Kist-MahruThe Ministry of trade, industry and Korean Energy has unveiled its second phase of its plan of development of intelligent robots. The first phase of this plan began in 2009 and enjoyed a comfortable financing of $ 750 million. 5 years later, South Korea accelerates. The second phase will benefit from public/private funding of 2.6 billion dollars over five years. It is simply the most ambitious plan of all industrialized countries. Reminder, the European Robolution Fund has a budget of EUR 80 million.

South Korea wants to triple the size of its robotics industry

Mahru, the Korean rival of the robot Asimov of Japanese Honda.

Mahru, the Korean rival of the robot Asimov of Japanese Honda.

South Korea displayed its ambitions in robotics and they are considerable. The land of the morning calm wants to spend its $ 2.2 billion industry turnover to 7 billion in 2018. The number of Korean Robotics companies must spend in this interval from 402 to 600 and their average turnover doubling. The first phase of the Korean plan focused on 7 areas: manufacturing, automotive, medical, rehabilitation, culture, defence, education, and maritime sector. Service Robotics and other industries came to add to the plan in this second phase.

The record investment of Seoul has no equivalent in the world

Le STAR-1, démonstrateur de véhicule autonome de Samsung Techwin roule depuis 2012.

Le STAR-1, démonstrateur de véhicule autonome de Samsung Techwin, roule depuis 2012.

By comparison, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently announced his intention to triple the market which should achieve, if the Japan achieved its objectives, to 24 billion dollars by 2020. I Japan essentially relies on the private sector to make this effort. France, between the France Robots Initiatives plan and the Robolution Fund will inject 100 million euros in its industry robotics, as the United States, as noted Humanoides.fr, put $ 70 million on the development of robots for services and 41 million dollars on drones. A public investment that will add the efforts of new actors such as Google or Amazon.

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