6 Jan 2018

iRobot creates a beta program for its Roomba robots

In an interview with the MIT Technology Review, Colin Angle, iRobot’s CEO revealed that the manufacturer of cleaning robots is about to launch a Beta program. New intelligent home features will appear for 900 series robots from the brand, starting with a WiFi mapping feature that leverages the mapping capabilities of the robot vacuum cleaner. Lire la suite

5 Jan 2018

CES 2018: LG continues its offensive in service robotics

LG has made it a habit of the CES to unveil its new robots. The 2017 edition featured the Japanese Hub, a small Jibo-style assistant robot, a mobile assistance robot for airports and a cleaning robot.

In 2018, the LG booth in Las Vegas will be animated by an assistance robot, or rather 3 robots, as this robot is already available in 3 versions, depending on whether you want it to carry suitcases at an airport, a waiter in a restaurant or an intelligent trolley in a supermarket. Lire la suite

4 Jan 2018

Local Motors obtains a $1 billion line of credit for its Olli Autonomous Shuttle

The adoption of the first 100% autonomous vehicles is slow and deployments are still drip-free. Some transport services are trying the adventure, in particular by deploying a few autonomous Navya shuttles on limited routes protected from traffic. The American Local Motors, which unveiled its Olli shuttle in 2016, wants to accelerate the movement in 2018. This champion of 3D printing and Open Innovation has just raised $1 billion from several partners to help municipalities and businesses take the plunge. Lire la suite

3 Jan 2018

Velodyne breaks the price of its LiDAR for the autonomous car

The cost of on-board electronics will be a key element in the adoption speed of the autonomous car and one of the key points remains that of the very many sensors needed for the algorithms that will drive the car in the middle of the traffic. In this respect, however, the LiDAR (laser detection and ranging) with a cost of several thousand dollars per unit remains a brake on the appearance of autonomous cars at a cost compatible with what motorists are willing to put in a car. Velodyne, one of the main manufacturers of LiDAR has just announced that it will be able to halve the price of its VLP-16, a “small” LiDAR on board. One of the obstacles to the marketing of autonomous cars has just been overcome. Lire la suite

2 Jan 2018

IDC’s 10 forecasts for robotics in 2018

In its prospective study FutureScape 2018, IDC looked at the adoption of robotics by companies. From their projections, it will be remembered that by 2019, the rate of adoption of robotics by industrialists will increase by a third, so that 60% of the world’s largest companies will be equipped. The productivity race will push them towards more “intelligent” robots as well as more mobile and versatile robots. Lire la suite