Cruise, the startup that wants robotise your car

Audi-Cruise-RP-177 autonomous cars have obtained a permit traffic on the roads in California to date. 8 manufacturers are testing their prototypes. Google of course, OEMs like Delphi, manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes, but also an unknown startup of all, Cruise. It rolled two cars with a fundamental difference compared to all other approaches. Cruise does not test for modified cars or even a car designed to be autonomous. The startup puts indeed developed equipment designed to turn any car into autonomous vehicle.

Cruise RP-1, a highway with dedicated equipment

Objective $ 10,000! Cruise working on equipment that can be installed on any car to bring him an automatic driving function for $ 10,000. To achieve this, the US has had to skip the LIDAR, laser scanner, an expensive sensor.


RP-1 prototype on the vehicule roof.

His device, the RP-1 Cruise, consists of equipment that is placed on the roof of the car, an equipment which includes 2 stereo cameras, radar, GPS and an inertial unit. The second part of the device, the computer, is placed on a wall of the trunk. Although less sophisticated (and probably cheaper) than the tested device manufacturers, Cruise RP-1 will theoretically usable on US freeways. The first copies must be delivered to the first 50 beta testers later this year. California startup she will speed the entire auto industry?

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Source : “First Aftermarket Autonomous Cars Hit the Road in California”, IEEE Spectrum, July 1st, 2015

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