Red alert on car cybersecurity

I'm-The-CavalryMary Barra, Akio Toyoda and Martin Winterkorn are warned. The security experts are sounding the alarm. Computer modern cars is not secure. The risk of hacking is very high and with the explosion in the number of cars, we road to collision if builders do nothing to shield their cars. This is the position of “I Am The Cavalry” , an expert group who sent an open letter to CEOs of automakers Will they finally agreed letter?

Hacking vehicle has nothing to a theoretical risk

Query builder on computer security cars it sells in its concessions, he will answer a knowing air they are doing the right thing and they have mastered their subject. However, examples of hacking vehicles are becoming more numerous. Sport safety experts there a while now Youtube is full of videos showing their individual hacker Toyota Prius to install a “mod” to be able to run at full speed in electric mode for example. Hacking a car like any other electronic products is quite nice to see exciting. It is much less about a car thief can disable the lock of the car by connecting to the data bus of the car and launching a program that he bought on the net.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek at work on a 2010 Ford Escape

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek at work on a 2010 Ford Escape

It was at the Def Con conference that just took league in Las Vegas that the collective “I Am The Cavalry” unveiled his letter to the automakers. This is vindictive vis-à-vis the CEO: “When we depend on technology affects public safety and human life, it demands our attention and diligence. Our cars requiring this level of attention because we trust our lives and the lives of people we love our cars. ” Members of “I Am The Cavalry” interested in computers automobiles, but also medical equipment, public infrastructure and even the house, that is to say, all the places where the computer is direct contact with the public.

A first ranking of the least secure cars

In addition to the letter, the group site delivers a list of recent sessions about the issue of computer security in embedded vehicle. Just for the month of August, when BSidesLV 6 sessions, 9 sessions at Black Hat, and finally no less than 16 sessions at Def Con.

The Jeep Cherokee, an unsafe car

The Jeep Cherokee, an unsafe car Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. (Photo: Jeep)

Builders are alerted by experts for several years, yet the newer vehicles do not seem to be better protected than older vehicles. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek just published the results of their study presented at Def Con, and a small list of the most vulnerable vehicles. The newer vehicles are top of the standings. Jeep Cherokee 2014 Cadillac Escalade 2015 Ford Fusion 2014 Dodge RAM 3500 2014 2014 BMW X3 … Surprisingly, the Tesla Model S is not on the list then it is frequently the subject of hacks at the recent picture of the student team “Yo” of Zhejiang University in China team. No one really seems modern vehicle in shelters today.

Maybe he will deliver stars to vehicles safer as for crash tests that manufacturers finally react.

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