DARPA Robotics Challenge: the final is on!

DRC-SUN-KAISTThe competition is launched. For 2 days , the 25 qualified teams this final phase of the DRC , the DARPA Robotics Challenge , compete in Pomona , California. After more than two and a half years working for the research teams , the robots are passing the tests devised by DARPA .
The scenario imagined by the body is complex: it is intended to represent a rescue mission as it could have league during a major disaster like Fukushima.

A complex rescue mission to complete in 60 minutes

Qualified-TeamsThey have one hour. A maximum time to complete the course designed by DARPA under the DARPA Robotics Challenge, and trials are complex. To start, the robot must climb into a small car, a Polaris Ranger 900 XP, the drive on a small course, go down, open a door and then engage in various tasks. Opening a valve, cutting a hole in a wall with tools market and a surprise task: a box mounted on a wall in which there is a button, any actuator. Then, the robot must pass an area strewn with debris, before having to climb stairs. Obviously, the team can not guide his robot. She must be content to watch at work and possibly make a “reset” if the robot is in a delicate situation. A “reset” that will cost a penalty of 10 minutes robot. If it falls, the robot must be able to stand up alone.
To complicate a little more difficulty, WiFi connections between the robot and the servers of each team will be partially blurred. Tomorrow we finally know which team wins the trophy and the $ 2 million first prize.

The competition is to be followed live on the mini website of Frédéric Boisdron, Planete-Robot editor.

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Source : “DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Finals”, Communiqué DARPA, June, 5 2015

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