Deloitte: Venture Capital is finally interested in robotics

Deloitte-VC-RobotiqueNot surprisingly, the great survey by Deloitte shows that in 2014, investors their preference was in priority to the business of Cloud Computing, mobile, of health.
Robotics is now ranked 7th, but it is the sector that knows the highest increase, all sectors combined. + 14%, is more than 3% of social networks or the 2% of the Cloud. Bearer interest of hope for startups in the sector in the coming years.

Chinese investors are more confident in robotics

Conducted 331 investment with 25% Fund in the United States, the tenth edition of the Deloitte study on the confidence of investors reflects the State of mind of the capitalists and funds. From a macroeconomic point of view, investors Anglo-Saxon (United States, Canada, United Kingdom) have the morale at the beautiful fixed, as well as the Chinese, Indian, Israeli and Taiwanese. Ads from Google, Amazon and other Foxconn have visibly influenced investors. In contrast, Brazilians, Japanese and South Africans see their confidence in the market crumble.

Deloitte-Industry-Sectors-2014The most interesting aspect of the study remains undoubtedly confidence by sector of activity indices. Cloud Computing is the sector in which investors have the highest confidence. 4.11 on a scale of 1 to 5, it’s better than the mobile (4.02), the health sector (3.94), enterprise software (3.77), the consumer software (3.59), social networks (3.51) and finally the Robotics (3.41). However, it was the latter which displays the highest growth rate of the survey, with an increase of 14%. For comparison, semiconductor, yet the Foundation of the digital economy, not interested really these investors, with a barely above average confidence index, only 2.76.
The analysis of the replies by country shows that this interest is growing in the United States, the Canada, the United Kingdom, China and the Japan. The study does not deliver the numbers for the France, but the establishment of the Robolution Capital of Bruno Bonnell bottom testifies that this interest in Robotics is found just as much, if not more, in France.

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Source : “2014 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey – How Confident Are Investors?”, Deloitte, August 13, 2014


Excerpt from the Deloitte global survey on the confidence of investors, 2014 edition.

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