Researchers offer an artificial intelligence to Mario

 Researchers at the University of Tübingen, Germany, lead a rather original project: create an artificial intelligence for the characters of one of the most famous video games worldwide, Mario. Playground perfect for testing a “collaborative” type artificial intelligence because if developing an AI for a game character has today nothing very original, the AI of the cognitive modelling research group allows the plumber to understand its environment, learning to achieve its objectives, but also communicate its knowledge with the other protagonists of the game to wait for the goal : Win!
Thanks to developments made by Professor Martin Butz, the 4 game characters, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad can communicate with each other. So Mario goes to set a goal, as for example to collect a maximum of parts or finish level at the most quickly, then learn how to achieve this goal and communicate its knowledge with his bandmates in order to achieve the objective. The player can even communicate with Mario by voice to influence its behavior. Mario, a rather original way for teaching artificial intelligence in schools and universities.



Source: “Super Mario gets social intelligence”, press release of the University of Tübingen, 2 February 2016


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