Deutsche Telekom proposes an anti-drones protection system

magenta-drone-defense-shieldThe German telecom operator is the first to offer an anti-drone device to its catalog of offers. Deutsche Telekom offers companies and local authorities a tracking and scrambling device. Named Magenta defense shield (Magenta Drohnenschutzschild), this offer is based on the solution developed by a German startup based in Silicon Valley, Dedrone.

Dedrone has designed an ultra-compact anti-drones device


The DroneTracker, a multi-sensor drones detection device developed by Dedrone.

For the anecdote, the idea of creating Dedrone dates back to 2013 when a drone crashed a few meters from Chancellor Angela Merkel during an election rally. The engineers created an anti-drone device that blurs the communications of the drone. Like the majority of the devices of this type, the identification of the drones is realized via several sensors of different natures. Video camera, infrared detector, radio scanner, the system created by Dedrone is particularly compact. In addition, it is possible to connect additional detection devices. In July, Airbus signed a partnership agreement with Dedrone, the industrial giant supplying radars to customers who would need to expand The capacity of DroneTracker from Dedrone.

With this agreement with Deutsche Telekom, the startup finds a powerful ally to offer its technology to German industrialists, power plant managers, airport installations, data centers, prisons, etc. The operator has chosen to complete the Dedrone offer with the Rhode & amp; Schwarz, Squarehead mics, Robin Radar Systems radar systems and HP Wüst radio jammers.

The first customer of this alliance Deutsche Telekom / Dedrone is Deutsche Telekom itself which announces that it wants to equip several of its sites with such equipment anti-drones.

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