The future of business aircraft, electric and vertical take-off

diamond-tiltrotorAfter the XTI project, a new industrial embarks on the adventure of the case vertical take-off aircraft. This is not a startup but the Austrian Diamond aircraft. Unlike the American project, the latter to chose the option of the tiltrotor (of tiltrotors) to allow the aircraft to take off vertically. Better yet, 4 tilting propellers will be driven by electric motors. It is still a project in the initial phase, but the construction of a prototype scale must be launched next month.

A hybrid plane seat approved in 7 years?

Hybrid aircraft electrical / diesel, the Tiltrotor that prepares Diamond Aircraft must carry 6 people. A plane of 3 tonnes only, which corresponds to a single engine TBM-900-type. A featherweight for an electric aircraft which must carry batteries and 2 diesel engines for recharging.

AgustaWestland AW609 will be the main rival of the Tiltrotor Diamond.

AgustaWestland AW609 will be the main rival of the Tiltrotor Diamond.

If the Austrian did not deliver figures when autonomy and hoped for its appliance range, its ambitions are extremely high. Currently, the only civil tiltrotor, the AgustaWestland AW609, developed with the American Bell, weighs 7 tons for 6 to 9 passengers. Who is this mysterious partner? The question remains, because very little of the world manufacturers have mastered the Tiltrotor technology. Inspired by the drones, the use of the electric greatly simplifies the mechanical design of the device, including transmissions and failover systems. In addition, the aircraft should have electrical controls and the phase of take-off and landing will be automatic.

Facing the defeated one such case aircraft design and more advanced versions called him succeed, Diamond Aircraft chose to adopt a progressive approach. After this first work of preliminary studies, the aircraft manufacturer will create a drone of more than 300 kg to test this formula before moving to a version more than a ton. In the article in Flying, Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft evokes a cooperation with a drone manufacturer to develop its tiltrotor. It seeks certification of his plane in just 7 years.

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Source : “Diamond Launches Hybrid-Electric Tiltrotor”, Flying, 1 octobre 2015


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