Digital Reasoning created the largest neural network in the world

Neural-NetworkGoogle fought, as well as the prestigious Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Digital Reasoning just put into production the largest neural network ever developed. This project has just been unveiled at the 32th International Conference on Machine Learning that takes place in Lille this week. This is the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which held the record for largest neural network with a network with a network of 15 billion settings, before that of Google with 11.2 billion settings. Digital Reasoning shows that of the acceleration that will experience this area: it sets the bar at 160 billion settings.

The Digital Reasoning network has trounced that of Google

The learning method CLOW at work on the sequence

The learning method CLOW at work on the sequence “SEE SPOT RUN FAST”.

Digital Reasoning was founded in 2000 by former Oracle, CA, MarkLogic, OpenText, LexisNexis and the CIA. The company offers its platform for Machine Learning Synthesys companies such as UBS, Point72 and for US defense and intelligence agencies. With this announcement the ICML 2015, the US publisher wants to demonstrate its expertise and delivers first results obtained with this network giant neurons. They did run on a given set of “classic” in the field of artificial intelligence, analogies that of 20,000 words. Over the algorithm is able to identify analogies in those 20,000 combinations, the more the system is performing. He Stanford has reached a score of 75%, as Google has reached 76.2%. Digital Reasoning would have reached 85.8%.

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