Divergent 3D unveils his supercar printed in 3D at the Los Angeles show

divergent3dDivergent 3D introduced for the first time his supercar at the Los Angeles show, the Blade. With 700 HP under the hood, it will provide an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (97 kph) in 2.2 seconds to his happy owners if mass production is launched one day. However the innovation brought by the Blade is in its motor gasoline/gas natural or in aerodynamic sound, but in the way in which it is built.

A structure in carbon tubes assembled via 3D printed aluminium nodes

Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Jaguar, it will probably take years a manufacturer such as diverge to get a place in the market of supercars if American does one day. Yet his first car shows leading performance, thanks to a weight of only 635 kg on the scale. The secret of this weight pen, it’s how deviating 3D engineers have designed the structure of this car. This is achieved through 3D printing, but rather than opting for a unibody design as Local Motors, they have imagined a completely different approach. The Blade is a relatively classic tubular design, but rather that of weld metal tubes, engineers have imagined using assembled ultralight carbon tubes between – them via lightweight aluminum nodes made in 3D printing.

Le noeud d'aluminium imprimé en 3D dans lequel les tubes de carbone viennent se placer pour former la structure de la Blade.

The 3D printed aluminium node in which the carbon tubes are placed to form the structure of the Blade.

The California startup marketing announces a weight reduced by 90% compared to traditional construction methods. The experts will judge of this figure, but also gross weight gain, this method of construction is a second interest. Mounting can be achieved by simple nesting, like a giant meccano without tooling complex or the need to put in place a robotic welding shop that represents a significant investment for any manufacturer automotive.

Deviating 3D platform attracted including the PSA group, which has signed a partnership agreement in September 2016. The official press release quotes Carlos Tavares, CEO of PSA, who said he was impressed with the 3D update by deviating 3D printing technology.

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