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Intel_GalileoThis is the 1ER October 2013 when the Maker make Rome what Intel and Arduino had Galileo in the community of the Makers. This card, equipped with all new SOC Quark from Intel, would be available end November 2013. And if it is available on several sites for the sale of electronic components, its actual availability remains theoretical. However Galileo comes from is found a new ally, Microsoft. In recent weeks, the U.S. launched operation Windowsondevices. To invite the Markers to think a little more about Windows, the editor does not hesitate to offer them a Galileo map. Remittances have started.

Microsoft and Intel, allied to conquier the market of connected objects

When considering to buy an electronic card to create its first object connected, we immediately think of Arduino, Raspberry Pi and, to some extent, Beaglebone. When a bone embedded in his card, there are chances that this is a Linux.

It is the quark of Intel and its x 86 Pentium heart that motorized card Galileo.

It is the quark of Intel and its x 86 Pentium heart that motorized card Galileo.

Not really good news for Microsoft. Its embedded systems are fairly marginalized in the DIY community. Not necessarily good sign when we know that industrialists are also fond of these small cheap cards to create prototypes of objects connected to cheap. Nevertheless, it disarms not in Redmond. Microsoft can rely on a powerful ally, Intel. The titan of the semiconductor also seeks to be a place in this market of connected objects. It has launched the Galileo card in cooperation with Arduino cc. This small programmable map relies on a Soc (System on Chip) Quark powered by a heart x 86 Pentium. Voila which does rejuvenates us! More recently, Intel unveiled Edison, a miniature computer the size of an SD card, but for the time being this is the Galileo map which is the subject of a nice promotion of la by Microsoft.

The free distribution of cards Galileo is launched!

The editor sends it free to all those who register on its site Windowsondevices! There’s no explicit in this operation condition, or maximum number of card will be shipped. Microsoft seeks to have supporters among the Makers and, if you look at the #windowsondevices on Twitter hashtag, the first cards arrived at destination and he begins to achieve!

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Les principales cartes programmables disponibles sur le marché :

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