With its Matrix 100, DJI offers a customizable drone for Makers

Matrice-100 DJI, the UAV manufacturer adds a new drone to its catalog, the Matrix 100 (M100). This small quadcopter built while carbon and rather summary design is not quite like the other models of the brand. This is actually a flying platform intended primarily for developers. This should allow DIYers, researchers, businesses to test new equipment. One programming kit will give them the means to develop applications for the device. First extension proposed by the manufacturer, “Guidance”, an anti-collision system.

The Matrix 100, a drone designed for Makers

The device resembles a mini Kinect, one on each side of the drone. With its stereo cameras, ultrasonic sensors. This device, called “Guidance” allows the drone to move in a underground parking without hitting either the posts or cars. With it, the device allows the drone to detect obstacles, but also to locate in relation to its environment even without GPS coverage. Field monitoring device could operate up to an altitude of 20m, according DJI. This type of technology, several research teams already mastered. It is now commercially available.


“Guidance”, the anti-collision system designed by DJI for its M100 drone

This extension, DJI offers for the Matrix 100, its drone / platform développement.C’est one example of what other companies, makers will invent for the M100.

M100 It thus has a rack that can accommodate expansion cards, just like the Arduino shields. The Matrix 100 has two connectors to access the drone of the CAN data bus and two UART ports data. With two battery packs, the M100 could fly up to 40 minutes. The programming kit will create applications that leverage the capabilities of the drone and its extensions. The M100 is advertised at $ 3,299 and her kit “Guidance” to $ 999.

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