The constructor of drones DJI place the White House in ‘No – Fly zone’

DJI-Maison-BlancheWhen Monday, January 26, a drone crashed on the lawn at the White House, the specter of a terrorist attack was quickly dismissed. The frail DJI Phantom 2 presented little danger for the president and it very soon became apparent that the driver had lost control shortly before. If president Obama did not directly comment on the incident, he called the agencies to take measures to ensure the safety and protection of the privacy of the American towards drones. A message well-received by Chinese Dong, manufacturer of the Phantom 2 coming to take the lead.

A drone Builder ahead of regulation

DJI Phantom 2DJI has just put online an update of the firmware of its drones Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision +. It implements the NOTAM (message to Airmen) 0/8326 of the FAA. This is the note that prohibits pilots flying over certain areas of the federal capital. The firmware 3.10 will prevent the drone to fly over the White House and 25 km to the round.And if the GPS signal is too weak, the mobile application will display a popup to prevent the owner of the drone in the case of take-off.
DJI claims to want to continue to update the No – Fly zone of his drones to comply with local regulations. The drones will someday download their flight plan to the FAA or the DGAC servers before you take to the air?

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