Video of the week: the DLR land a drone on a moving car

The DLR, German Aerospace Research Center has just succeeded to arise a drone on a car, travelling at 75 km/h Guide by a QR placed on the roof of the vehicle, the drone, a big Penguin BE of 20 kg, is wisely come arise in a net placed over the roof of the car. A spectacular experience but that is far from being a first.

DLR-DroneTo make the buzz at the shows and on the web, automakers have fun to put drones on their vehicles. A combination car / drone seductive but still very theoretical. The DLR has demonstrated that this concept is viable, at least for its automatic landing component. This is however not a first world car on the side of the military the french Thales already knew how to land a helicopter drone on a truck Rani at 30 km/h in 2011.

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Source :

“Video: Unmanned Little Bird Lands on a Moving Truck”, DefenseTech, November 21, 2011

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