A drone companion project wins the Toyota Hackathon

Toyota-onramp-2014Renault designers had imagined for his Qwid a year ago, the makers have made it to Toyota. This is the project “Eye in the Sky” which won the grand prize of the Hackathon that Toyota has just held in Silicon Valley. The PreNav startup team suggested Toyota an application that pilot a drone over the car and transmits it a video stream. If, at the end of 24 hours of the event, the application was not yet at the point, “Eye in the Sky” won the $10 000 price.

A hackathon to enhance data from vehicle sensors

The “Onramp” hackathon organized by Toyota 6 and December 7, 2014 in San Mateo was designed to reward the best mobile applications using the data available on the bus of a car. Toyota has chosen competitors to challenge 6 Scion FR-S (a car better known internationally like the Toyota GT86). The application was fairela better use of data extracted from the CAN bus, including the information generated by the vehicle sensors. A key, $10,000 for the winning teams. Some twenty teams competed at the 24 hours of programming dedicated to the automobile marathon.
toyota-app-eye-in-the-skyAt this games, this is the app “Eye in the Sky” which won the votes of the jury. The pilot a drone that filmed continuously the vehicle under the desired angle and retransmits the video stream to the shelf. It thus shows an external view of the vehicle as well as all these parameters of conduct, how ‘Gran Turismo’.
If “Eye in the Sky” typed in the eye of the jury, members of the team (all from the startup PreNav, specialized in software for UAV flight) were unable to deliver on time a functional application. They took the decision of the jury thanks to the simulation that they were able to present.
Other winners of the challenge Onramp, the AWARE team won the safety award, with an application that uses the camera to measure Visual attention of the driver by reading the emotions on the face of the driver. By correlating this information with the performance of the vehicle, the software calculates a score of security which could interest the insurer to modulate its rates.

20 teams participate in the Hackathon Toyota Onramp which is held in San Mateo in December.

20 teams participate in the Hackathon Toyota Onramp which is held in San Mateo in December.

RACEme team won the price of efficiency. According to the GPS position of the vehicle, their application calculates the ideal path, point rope, optimum acceleration to get the best time on a circuit or, in a more politically correct manner, optimize it consumption on a course.
Finally, the price of the application the most fun went to Interactive 86 who created an application that broadcasts a sound function of the driver’s behaviour. Squeal of tire cornering, siren of police in case of excessive speed, etc.

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Source : “Toyota Announces Winners of Silicon Valley App Design Competition”, Communiqué de presse Toyota, December 9, 2014

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