Can Lily, Antoine Balaresque’s drone, reach the success of GoPro?

LilyWith its small laughing blue eyes, he has a very nice bouille that Lily! This small drone is designed to follow and shoot you in your sporting exploits with external views continuously. The perfect complement to the GoPro camera mounted on the helmet. Nice but also easy to used, it is not necessary to be an expert of the drone for is in service. A simple concept that has attracted investors and today clients: the startup that has created Lily would have already reaped presales $ 34 million!

A 100% automatic drone, designed for sportsmen

It is the great American newspaper USA Today that comes to reveal. The Lily Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow flying camera project would have a well-filled order book. Décollage-drone-LilyChock full even if we consider that they already have $ 34 million of orders to honor (from 100,000 to $200,000 expected at the launch of the project). A considerable success for a small drone which the sole purpose is to shoot the owner for his sports activities. Offered at $799, this represents 60,000 customers wishing to offer this drone or rather this flying as camera prefer to call it Antoine Balaresque. Evidence that it is well more owners of GoPro referred that the drones fans who compare their propellers on Sunday at the bottom of the wood.

With Lily, no flight, no remote programming. We must wear on the wrist a locator, launch into the air (or water) the drone which automatically peels and wisely follows his master 20 minutes maximum. The drone, which weighs 1.3 kg, flies up to 40 km/h between 1.75 m to 15 m above the subject. The Lily is able to follow but also precede or fly alongside its owner. The camera filmed in high-definition 1080 p at 60 fps or at 120 fps in 720 p, for lovers of replays.

Lily raised $ 16 million and already has 60,000 customers

Antoine Balaresque présente son drone Lily et son localisateur en main.

Antoine Balaresque present its Lily UAV and its locator in hand.

How not to think about the bankruptcy of Zano drone. Its creators had raised $ 3.6 million on KickStarter and, having delivered 600 of the 15,363 micro-drones sold, the company was put into liquidation. Spent a project losses and profits for more than 14,000 buyers. With Lily, things seem more serious. First, the startup, which was born in the basement of the University of Berkeley, not a shooting star of crowdfunding . The startup has already raised $ 16 million from Spark Capital, the Stanford StartX background, the Winkelvoss brothers or former American football star Joe Montana. Finally, Lily has just landed a trophy innocation at CES 2016. Rather reassuring.

The first prototypes were conscripted in 2013, we learn in the article by USA Today, 500 units have already been built and are being tested. Lily drones will be assembled in China and announced the commercial launch in summer 2016.

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Source : “‘Flying camera’ touts $34 million in pre sales”, USA Today, January 8, 2016

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