Drones and anti-drones systems face to face on Milipol 2015

BlighterDedicated to equipment of law enforcement forces, Milipol exhibition is the opportunity drones manufacturers to show their latest creations, whether drones of observation for civil security or machines dedicated to the support of police forces during their interventions. A score of manufacturers and distributors of drones light of various nationalities, which the french, Germans, Dutch and Chinese expose this week their achievement in Villepinte. A difference this year, their drones face a new enemy, the anti-UAV systems.

The drone, a new ally of the security forces

The Sparrow-Hawk designed by Aeraccess with the assistance of the RAID.

The Sparrow-Hawk designed by Aeraccess with the assistance of the RAID.

The juicy market of security attracts many manufacturers of drones. They had more than 20 for the drones air to display their ambitions to Villepinte this week alone. Among them, Aeraccess, Aerialtronics, Aero monitoring, AirRobot, ECA, LH Aviation or even Chinese Shenzhen Keweitai, which proposed a drone to the forces of order 6 rotors as well as an impressive octopter.

On the side of the french, there was the small Novadem NX110 quadrotor that will equip the national gendarmerie, while Aeroaccess has unveiled the Sparrow-Hawk. Developed in partnership with the RAID, this one is dedicated to conducting a reconnaissance in an indoor space. Equipped with proximity sensor, the drone will map parts and identify the occupants by video camera and sensor infrared.


LH Aviation and Diginext allied in Milipol 2015.

Survey Copter, a subsidiary of Airbus, brought on the show the Copter 4, his electric drone DVF 2000 as well as a new drone, the DVF 2000 ER. Rigged a heat engine, it would have a 10 hour endurance.
The side of Thales and Sagem, last rivals vying for the market of the tactical drone of the French army, neither one nor the other is brought respectively the Watchkeeper and the Patroller, lack of space. Nevertheless, Thales unveiled a new Spy’ store. This mini-UAV designed with Aviation Design, has optical and sensor gyro despite its small size.

LH Aviation brought on the show his Explorair 45, a drone which serves as base for a system to use during major disasters, an offer by the french in partnership with Diginext.

Note on the stand of the Drone Volt Distributor, a small DJI Phantom carbon all dressed and carrying either a camera but… an anti-manifestants spray!

The first anti-UAV systems appear

The interference of the SCG MGT Swiss system.

The interference of the SCG MGT Swiss system.

Faced with the rise of the drones in public, industrial submerged their weapons or more precisely their anti-drones devices. The most conventional is interference anti-drone Myotis of SESP Group car. Just as a convoy of military vehicles or the escort of a president any now includes a car that blurs the cellular signals to prevent terrorists to blow up their bomb at the passage of the president, this Myotis will scramble the frequency on which the dronistes control their units.

For larger sites, such as nuclear power stations, airport facilities, military bases, the British Blighter offers a system that couples radar and tracking cameras. Antennas of interference will take care of dropping the device. Defence & Space Airbus unveiled its drone tracking system.

The anti-UAV system unveiled by Airbus Denfece & Space on Milipol 2015.

The anti-UAV system unveiled by Airbus Denfece & Space on Milipol 2015.

This couple a radar Spexer 500 with a range of 9 km with a Z:NightOwl Z system, optronic system coupling multiple sensors. Like the Blighter and the DroneRANGER of the Swiss SCG & MGT, all these devices for now just to jam frequencies. Apart from the drone Malou Tech NET Launcher he had not more offensive devices against drones. Laser, canon, nor missiles with darts for now, Milipol 2016 could well see an escalation of these systems. According to Les Echos, in October last year, attracted by the ANR funds, not less than 40 systems are being developed nothing for the France. The hunting of the drone will be open.

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