Korean researchers want to shoot down drones sonic attack

Drone fallingThere are some days, Boeing shot down a drone with a 2KW laser mounted on a truck. A technique that the Americans are trying to develop for several years now and which is to protect their warships and other military bases.

Researchers from KAIST, one of the largest Korean universities, seem to have found a much more subtle way to rid the skies of these noisy mosquitoes. These come to unveil the results of their research at the USENIX conference held in Washington. To achieve their ends, they devised a technique rather unusual.

Finding a sound that disorients gyroscopes drone

The researchers started from a simple observation: in order to steal all the drones need gyroscopes. It is thanks to them that they can stabilize their position. The principle is as old as time, or almost: a mass in a rotating frame allowing the drone to know the vertical and thus to remain flat on the ground. The drones Embedded MEMS components that play this role or Yongdae Kim, a professor in electrical engineering department of KAIST, has been able to demonstrate that we can greatly disturb these gyroscopes by sending a specific sound frequency. The gyroscope can then resonate and will send data to the erratic flight computer. You can imagine the result, it can be brutal.

The operation of a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope.

The operation of a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope.

The researcher tested his approach on 15 models produced by MEMS gyroscopes 4 component suppliers, mainly components produced by STMicroelectronics and InvenSense. Components that are commonly found in drones. He was able to establish the resonant frequency of 7 of the 15 tested gyroscopes, inaudible frequencies but not for these miniature gyroscopes. The researcher does not address the effect of his technique on laser gyroscopes or even whether it can be protected with adequate shielding precious gyroscope and put it to the shelter of these sonic drone attacks. Maybe eventually it was the US are right, it will draw laser cannon to get rid of these unwanted drones.

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