Drones: Flight plans created in Big Data

FlockFlock, a London startup has unveiled a rather innovative tool to manage the trajectory of a drone. Its technology is based on a risk analysis to determine the path between point A and point B. Its algorithms use data from population density, traffic at every moment of the day, also integrate the position of other drones to plot the optimal flight plan. A service that may be a bricks key delivery by UAVs of the future services.

A service for the calculation of flight plan potentially useful for future services delivery by drones

Flock-heatmapCreated in March 2016, Flock is negotiating its second round of financing. The startup has an interesting approach to calculate the flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle plan for argument. Its algorithms compile data from various origins, including the population density for the traffic on the ground or in flight to determine the trajectory that will cause the least amount of noise or the risk lowest if you fall. The founders of Flock say working with operators of drones, insurers and regulators to develop its online service. The TechCrunch article that describes the first Flock draft underlines that this service will compete with AirMap, an American who has already raised $ 16 million. In contrast to the latter, Flock data marie static and data Dynamics, a difference that will perhaps one day the difference as the great future operators of transport drones, such as Amazon, Google or DHL. Flock is currently in beta.
Source : “Flock is building a risk assessment platform for drone flights”, TechCrunch, August 8, 2016

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