Drones: a paper airplane landed its FAA certification

PowerUp-3It sounds like a joke, and yet it is (almost) not. The authority that governs air traffic in the United States is providing a “333 exemption” in PowerUp, a permit to fly a drone rather unique since it is a plane paper by Remote smartphone.
This is obviously not a certification such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 had to win for the right to fly in the American skies, for cons, the FAA did recognize that the PowerUp 3.0 … is a real plane. Surprising for a toy sold less than 50 euros!

Pilot Licence required for operation “commercial” in this paper airplane

With its range of around 55 meters and autonomy of a maximum ten minutes the PowerUP 3.0 developed by Tailor Toys has the right to be used in the United States. PowerUp 3.0A paper plane that acquires the title of “aircraft” is one of paradox legislation evolving to integrate drones. Tailor Toys sent the FAA for an exemption in due form and received. Theoretically, this toy has acquired the right to the aerial photo and video shoots, what this paper airplane is incapable of doing. Peter Sachs who claimed this exemption for the PowerUp will have to revalidate his helicopter pilot license if he wants to engage in any commercial use of sound paper drone.

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Source : “FAA Approves Commercial Use Of Drone Paper Airplane. Yes. Really.”, Forbes, August 27, 2015


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