Video of the week: SkyWall, the anti-drone bazooka

Neutralizing drones inspire many engineers around the world. Since the electronic devices, the interceptors drones, lasers, cannons, via the eagles prepared to seize the drone is an arsenal that is today ‘ hui at the disposal of law enforcement and protection of critical infrastructure services.

Engineers of  OpenWorks Engineering, a British startup has developed this Skywall a bazooka. Of course, impossible to make an explosive shell on the drone without risking a catastrophe. The shell fired by a gas cartridge deploys a net over the drone and neutralizes the intruder. According to the shell selected, a parachute can bring the drone to the ground. The intelligence of the device lies in its barrel. Indeed, the system calculates the trajectory of the shell and tells the shooter when he has to fire, which should allow the use of the device by operators who are not necessarily elite shooters. A useful precaution when you see the ballistic trajectory of the shell fired by the Skywall.

The device must be a demonstration with British security forces March 8, 2016.Skywall

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