eSafe: when a robot takes the place of the pilot

the small twin-engine comes off of a small Austrian airport when suddenly the driver fainted. He let go of the handle, the airplane starts to switch on the wing. More doubt is possible, the plane is crashing. Suddenly, the handle comes alive, the wings return to the horizontal, a screen comes alive. A new flight plan is trying to emerge from the nearest airport. After a few minutes of fully autonomous flight, the landing gear and flaps are lowered, the aircraft is aligned in the axis of the track and arises by itself, without any external intervention. This flight is real: it took place on August 26, 2015.

an emergency system without human intervention

This device called eSafe could well equip one day all aircraft certified by EASA (European certification body) in class C23, i.e. single-engine aircraft, the twin-engine as Diamond D42 as at 26 August test.
7 automatic landings were made during the 3 days of testing. This system uses control type “Fly-by-Wire” systems used in modern devices. eSafe already controlled calculators, these devices will be able to benefit from this steering robotic emergency. The current system is activated in support of the emergency button, but one can imagine that it is coupled to a system of detection of vigilance cameras someday. The cost of the device will be about $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 for an aircraft such as the Diamond D42. For the moment, it is not envisaged to install such equipment on airliners.

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