Flight tests for the drone of the EHang 184 passenger drone

The constructor of drones EHang released this week a video of the test flight of its 184 model. A year after his presentation of the EHang 184 on the CES, this drone of passenger transport has not yet taken the air with a passenger but its constructor is the opening of the flight of the aircraft. Equipped with new engines, new propellers and new batteries, the drone has taken the step of the hops and is already able to fly several tens of meters of height and pace without however that its constructor does not deliver any figure. In addition to the development of the drone itself, Chinese reveals the elements of a true transport service by drones on a large scale.

EHang imagined a real system of control for its drones

If, on the surface, nothing seems to differentiate the EHang 184 that was introduced last year at the THESE, this one has evolved both in terms of its batteries as its propulsion system. Its constructor improves its performance, but also working on flight software, notably to take into account weight unusual that drone and inertia that implies. The Chinese also works on drones management software. The manufacturer unveiled including the notion of an EHang command center, a control room where operators can manage the fleet of drones of a transport system. The Chinese also released a video of the application that will allow the customer to the drone set up his flight.
Source : “Progress Updates of EHang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle”, EHang release, January 5, 2017

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