Italy joined the European energy exchange

ligne-haute-tensionThe algorithm Euphemia, reigns now markets electricity from 20 countries Europeans, either an annual consumption of 2,800 TWh.
The Italian market has joined this single market of electricity for 24 hours without problems. Euphemia manages the purchase of electricity from electricity distributors of the continent for a value of EUR 150 million every day. A real force algorithmic tour knowing that if must match the offers of all producers of electricity from the Mainland, the needs of all distributors while taking into account the capacity of each electrical lines high-voltage networks.

The extension of the Euphemia algorithm continues in Europe


With the arrival of GME (Gestore dei Mercati Energetici SpA), that is to say the Italian electricity market, Euphemia wins a new significant market in Europe. Remains the Greece and the countries of the East, then countries Baltic, the Turkey, the Ukraine to manage the purchase of electricity across the continent. Developed in Java by the Belgian company N-Side, Euphemia is probably one of the most sophisticated optimization algorithms in production in the world. For lovers in operations research, Euphemia (which means EU Pan-European Hybrid Electricity Market Integration Algorithm), is a type MIQP – Mixed – Integer Quadratic Programming.
In addition to the addition of these new countries, another challenge awaits the European, the activation of a methodology based on the flux (Flow-Based). More effective to make the correspondence between supply and demand, this update could lead to a saving of several hundred million euros on the continent. The feasibility of this update is discussed over the years but the Europeans still hesitate to apply it and risk destabilizing the market, knowing that transactions can result in time and hour, if the blackout to the geographical areas concerned.

The evolution of the algorithm will wait for the end of the winter

Discontinuation of two slices nuclear in Belgium weakens the European electrical networks in Europe (photo Credit: © Traumrune)

Discontinuation of two slices nuclear in Belgium weakens the European electrical networks in Europe (photo Credit: © Traumrune)

The algorithm should go into production on the west European (CWE) Central area as a first step, but Europeans preferred still push this passage to the flow-based after the winter. With the case of two nuclear units of Doel 3 and Tihange 2 in Belgium, the CWE market is weakened.The new algorithm will be activated April 23, 2015 on lal area CWE but the France and the Germany should lead the way. Of March, the interconnection of the Franco-German markets will switch to “flow-based”. The economy expected could reach up to 100 million euros per year.

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