Europe launches a wide consultation on the civilian drone

Drone-ParrotEurope prepares to implement its regulations with regard to the drones. The objective is to integrate the RPAS (“Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”) in civil airspace by 2016. To prepare its future regulations, the Commission has opened a public consultation.
From 14 August to 24 October 2014, each can if express and deliver his ideas via the developed questionnaire online by the European Commission. The stakes are high: it is 10% of the aviation market that will be impacted by the drones in the next 10 years.

Already 176 manufacturers of drones in Europe

If this estimate of 10% of taking market shares of aviation by the drones is verified, it should reach $ 15 billion within 10 years. A market that Europe must not allow escape in favour of American or Asian countries. A market that is going to be very disputed. According to the figures put forward by the Commission, he would already have 1.708 drones on the market, built by 471 companies. Europe would have 176 constructors that arranging 566 different models.

Airinov operates Sensefly eBee drones for mapping agricultural parcels and follow the crops.

Airinov operates Sensefly eBee drones for mapping agricultural parcels and follow the crops.

The Commission motivates the need for setting up of a European regulation very quickly by several examples, including the France, very much in point on the civilian drone. The hexagon had 400 operators of drones in February 2014, against only 86 in 2012. In Japan, they are already at 14,000, their activity is particularly drawn by agricultural applications of UAVs.
In terms of employment, Europe but also the United States place great hopes in the development of civilian UAVs. The United States rely on 70,000 new jobs and an impact of $ 13.6 billion three years after the implementation of a framework regulatory then 100,000 jobs by 2025. Europe hopes for its 150,000 jobs created by 2050.

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Sources : “Une nouvelle ère de l’aviation : Ouvrir le marché de l’aviation à l’utilisation civile de systèmes d’aéronefs télépilotés, d’une manière sûre et durable”, Communication de la Commission au Parlement Européen et au Conseil, April 8, 2014

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