Europe delays its eCall emergency call button to 2018

Bouton Appel SOS PeugeotThe red button of eCall emergency call will eventually not be mandatory on any vehicle marketed on European territory, as it was originally planned in the calendar of the commission.
This “SOS” button that is coupled with a system that automatically contacts emergency accident will be ultimately required from me April 2018. A new report that the technology is developed for several years.

Europe hardly impose has its automakers call for emergency call button. However, this coupled with a SIM card that is embedded in the vehicle, allows to trigger the call for a relief driver centre or automatically to the triggering of the airbag for example. With GPS coordinates of the vehicle, relief can then be dispatched more quickly than it is the case currently. The technology is there and the OnStar American, created by General Motors, EDS and Hughes in 1995 offers a service of this type since 1996. In 2010, the American already had 5 million subscribers. In France, PSA would have crossed the bar of a million systems sold for several years under the name Touch Citroën and Connect SOS at Peugeot. The European commission studies estimate that 2,500 lives that could be saved in Europe by this type of system each year. The 3 years of additional period granted to manufacturers will be a heavy price to pay on the roads of the continent.

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