Difficult takeoff for the commercial drone in the United States

The FAA is blowing hot and cold on the UAV market. While the commercial exploitation of drones remains banned in the USA, the Federal Authority has issued first exemptions for businesses to shooting. They will be able to offer their air services to the TV and film studio who were currently acting illegally.
So far, the FAA shows conservative: all requests for derogations have not received approval. Amazon, who wanted to launch its service delivery at home will have to wait.

The FAA continues dragging its feet

Michigan_StadiumNo liberalization to expect in 2015


Propose a commercial service taken from view via drone remains illegal in the United States, unless you have the valuable exemption from the FAA.

FAA faces discontent among hobbyists who feel that the authority beyond the limits of his authority. Some dragged FAA court to challenge his authority over the drones. A legal battle continued until today without success. In 2012, Congress has ordered the authority to establish regulations by September 30, 2015 A deadline that obviously the FAA seems to want to hold. Meanwhile, the American market remains locked for entrepreneurs who want to launch commercial services, unless the FAA does not let a little ground and not issue waivers on a larger scale. A paradox when we know the lead taken by the United States regarding the use of military drone …

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