The FAA and the FBI deployed a drone detection system in JFK

The FAA, American airspace regulation agency, received more than 100 reports of drones each month. Drivers who identify, or who believe identify drones on final approach to major aerodromes are frequently the media from around the world. Faced with this worrying phenomenon but that resulted in no accident or real collision, the FAA has installed a system of detection of drone to JFK, the famous international airport in New York. The system, whose exact nature was not revealed, must allow to identify drones that radars are not able to identify, follow them and, where appropriate, to guide a response team to board the unconscious droniste. This system has been developed for the FBI and a quarantine of full-scale tests have already made. Let us hope that this system will allow to sort between false alarms from real overflights by drones.
FBI Drone Detection System
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