Farnborough 2014: Go to the Franco-British drone

The SCAF drone, by BEA Systems.The declaration of intent was signed at the Franco-British summit January 31, 2014, the Learning Agreement has to be at Farnborough. The two countries will spend 150 million euros to the study of SCAF, Future Air Combat system. The study will begin in the fall. Based on their respective prototypes nEUROn and Taranis, Dassault Aviation and BAE Systems will have to work during the next two years to imagine the future drone. 4 other manufacturers are involved in this study. Snecma and Rolls-Royce are also invited to collaborate in terms of the engine, as well as Thales and Finmeccanica Selex ES avionics. The result of this study may give birth to its successor the Rafale and Typhoon in the skies over Europe in recent decades.

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