Festo intensifies his research in biomimicry

BionicANTSGerman robot maker Festa is delivered in the past to some shots of splinters in terms of communication by unveiling a robot very directly inspired by an animal each year. BioMimetic robots including the media usually snapped pictures. Festo has thus proposed vision Robotics of the bird, the Kangaroo of the jellyfish, dragonfly or trunk of elephant. On the occasion of Cebit 2015, German has been very strong in revealing 3 innovations under its “Bionic Learning Network” strategy.

3 new biomimicry projects unveiled in Hanover


FlexShapeGripper, the gripper Festo inspired by the language of the Chameleon.

Bestiary Festo has enriched with 3 new designs this year at the Cebit: on the one hand between the BionicANTS, small robots able to collaborate ants to perform a task. The eMotionButterflies project is aim also to create robots able to communicate between – them. Its enormous butterflies are not only reproductions of these insects, but small drones not only able to find by GPS, but also able not to face each other. A tour of force in view of the size of the electronic card animating digital insect.
The third innovation will undoubtedly that will have the most application in the short term. This is the FlexShapeGripper, a gripper that is placed at the end of a robot arm to grab parts regardless of their geometry. Festo says he was inspired by the Chameleon to create this “gripper”, the language of the Chameleon to be precise. His principle seems similar to that developed by the Creative machines Lab of Cornell in 2012.


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