Fetch Robotics wants to give a successor to the UBR-1 robot

Unbounded Robotics-UBR-1A new startup, Fetch Robotics, has just lifted 3 million dollars from O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Shasta Ventures. This newcomer in Robotics is not completely unknown since it is the new structure of the Unbounded Robotics Team. His robot, announced for the second quarter of 2015 will obviously build on Linux and ROS. A new start for the robot UBR-1, lightweight version of the famous PR2 from Willow Garage which ultimately could never be traded owing to the lack of sufficient funds. The UBR-1 and its ancestor the PR2 will ultimately a descendant?

Fetch Robotics reborn from the ashes of Unbounded Robotics, the spinoff from Willow Garage…

L'UBR-1 n'a finalement jamais été commercialisé.

The UBR-1 was finally never marketed by Unbounded Robotics, unable to lever funds.

The promise of the UBR-1 of Unbounded Robotics, it was a robot collaborative good size, able to move, featuring an arm manipulator, programmable as ROS (Robot Operating System), for less than $50,000. A robot that could ultimately never be marketed by its designers. Willow Garage-spin-off unbounded Robotics was bound to the latter by contracts that prevented him to raise funds and to start production of the UBR-1. One can imagine that investors were asking for the intellectual property related to the robot as a guarantee, whatUnbounded Robotics could make, remainder owned by Willow Garage, UBR-1 was essentially a verion of the PR2’s leegere.
With Fetch Robotics, same engineers leave a white sheet, or almost. Officially, the robot that they prepare will be totally new. More stress contractual intellectual property of Willow Garage, even if the time limit given, a few months, suggests that this robot will be strongly inspired by the UBR-1. In his interview with IEEE Spectrum, Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics, book finally that little detail on what will come out of his office.
Several robots will be launched with a first model as early as the second quarter. These promises, but especially the profile very experienced Fetch Robotics Team, helped the startup of 3 million dollars from its first fundraiser, or a beautiful operation in this sector. Enough money to develop the first models and go, hopefully, to marketing.

The PR2 from Willow Garage, father of this line of robots under ROS.

The PR2 from Willow Garage, father of this line of robots under ROS.

Obviously ROS will remain the system that will enliven Fetch Robotics robots, as the price, the new CEO is now more cautious: tens of thousands of dollars against hundreds of thousands (read for the PR2)…
Venue may 26 in Seattle for ICRA 2015, conference of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society, in which Fetch Robotics should carry out the first public demonstration of this now distant descendant of the PR2.

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