Researchers use FIFA to convert TV broadcasts to 3D

Fifa-14-(2)What virtual reality glasses and 3D displays 3D content? In addition to video games, little content are available for display in true immersive 3D, IE where the user may freely choose his point of view in 3D scenes.

In addressing the issue, researchers from MIT and of Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have developed a novel technique to rebroadcast a football game in 3D from images of classic cameras. The solution proposed by the researchers is surprising: FIFA 13 video game !

FIFA 13 3D engine to generate the scenes of the game

Convert an event filmed in 2D in a 3D scene poses a number of technical problems and the resulting quality is flawed. To overcome the many Visual flaws that afflict these converted scenes, Qatari and American researchers offer a radically different approach. They use the famous FIFA 13 of Electronics Arts game to generate the 3D scenes from the video stream of the match. Their logic is unstoppable. Such a game part of the 3D scene to generate the 2D image that is displayed on the screen depending on the angle of view chosen by the player. Why not do the reverse and use the 3D engine of the game to mimic more closely the 2D scene and thus to get all of the 3D scene.
If the basic principle of their algorithm is simple to State, is more complex. Using the game engine, they have generated tens of thousands of game phases that are stored on a server. At each generated 2D view is stored the corresponding 3D scene. During the broadcast of the match, each image the algorithm seeks in its database nearest 2D image that generated with FIFA 13 and thus obtain a 3D scene is displayed on the virtual reality goggles or the 3D of the viewer screen.

A picture of retransmission of football match converted via the algorithm of MIT and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI)

A picture of retransmission of football match converted via the algorithm of MIT and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).

With a relatively powerful server (a machine that has six processors Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650, with 8 cores 2 GHz, 264 GB RAM and 86 GB Cache), the processing of an image called for 1/3 of a second. Multiple images can be converted in parallel but, for reasons of buffering, researchers estimate that only a period of one to two seconds will be required to convert to 3D video stream live.

The result was free from all the usual artifacts in this type of 2D/3D conversion. The assessments made by onlookers witnesses felt the result between good and excellent. Imagine that this algorithm could be exploited for various sports broadcasts other than football like basketball, baseball or formula 1, the constraint being that it should have a realistic enough to dispose of the 3D modeling 3D game related.

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Source : “System automatically converts 2D video to 3D”, Science Daily, November 4, 2015


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