Bertin Nahum, finalist of the Marius Lavet engineer-inventor Award

Bertin-NahumThe founder of Medtech, one of the stars of French robotics, is one of the 4 finalists of the award Marius Lavet. It is one of the most prestigious prize awarded to an engineer in France. Among its most recent winners Franck Ouay and Roman Criteo Niccoli in 2013, Bruno Maisonnier, founder of Alebaran Robotics and Bernard Didier Morpho System in 2012. For the 2014 trophy, Bertin Nahum, the creator of robot Rosa, will be Pierre Gandel, CEO of group Sonceboz, inventor of a patent 20 in electromagnetic sensors, motors and actuators. Another serious priced, Alain Méthivier, head of Department of the IFPEN separation and finally Joseph Puzo, CEO of Axon’Cable, group of 1,800 people specialized in the interconnectique.
The 2014 Award winner will be announced March 23, 2015.

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