Forster+Partners designs the first “Droneport” for Rwanda

DroneportThe prestigious firm of architects Forst + Partners participates in the project of Redline Partners to install “Droneport” in Africa to refuel villages isolated drug and deliver the mail. The project is carried out with Afrotech and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL). A first droneport must be constructed in 2016 in Rwanda and design of 2 types of UAVs are being designed to provide transportation.

Drones to re-supply the isolated villages of Rwanda

Redline Blueline drones.

The Redline and Blueline drones designed for Africa.

The objective is to save the 450,000 sick from malaria who die each year in Africa lack blood transfusion. Same result for 100,000 sickle cell patients who die from this disease of blood each year. Be able to deliver pockets of blood at the request by drone in these isolated villages could have enormous implications for public health in countries where communication infrastructures are failing. Two types of drones are investigated in this project. The first, the Redline will be the first to fly. Able to carry 10 kg over 50 km, it will carry up to 20 bags of blood. A bigger model, the Blueline, will have a double major, of the order of 6 m. this flying wing may remove a hundred kilograms, either 200 blood bags and carry them up to 100 km.

More than just Droneport, cut construction technique for Africa

For the Droneport, prestigious architectural firm responsible for including the new Reichstag or the Kuwait City Airport imagined a building kit, designed by locally available raw materials. A structure of wood and clay bricks pressed by a machine directly on the site, the idea of the architect is to “do more with less”.

Forster+Partners has designed a droneport built in wood and locally-made materials.

Forster+Partners has designed a droneport built in wood and locally-made materials.

The idea is also to learn these techniques of construction to local businesses. The design is modular and will be able to adapt to the arrival of larger sizes drone later. In addition, it may serve as post office for loaded drones mail and clinic to ensure the distribution of medicines.

The pilot project which will be launched in 2016 in Rwanda a country will be key to the continuation of the programme. The results that will be observed will say whether the deployment of a network of drones across Africa is possible or completely utopian. Rwanda, the “country of a thousand hills” is a challenge to the implementation of a system of automatic delivery by drones. As a first step, 3 Droneports shall be constructed in Rwanda by 2020, but it stands in a quarantine across the country before extending the initiative to neighbouring countries.

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Source : “Proposals for Droneport Project Launched to Save Lives And Build Economies”, Communiqué de presse Forter+Partners, 16 septembre 2015

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