The robots of Foxconn… not accurate enough for Apple

Foxconn foxbotIf the news broadcasted by the Chinese site Jiemian (Interface) proves correct, it would be a terrible failure to Terry Gou, the all-powerful boss of Foxconn. He who had promised its shareholders an army of one million robots deployed in its workshops in a few years sees its plan somewhat questioned. This in obviously preferred quantity to quality. The production of the iPhone 6 would have been the ultimate test before a generalization of the robots in the workshops of the factory of the world. It missed, «Foxbots», these robots made by the Chinese for its own assembly lines are not visibly precise enough to meet the standards of quality of Apple.

1 million robots in the workshops of Foxconn, but not immediately

The Foxbots, robots designed and manufactured by Foxconn Robotics division.

The Foxbots, robots designed and manufactured by Foxconn Robotics division.

Missed the first test full-scale robots Foxconn runs short. The Chinese had use his brand new robots to assemble (partly) tens of million iPhone 6 Apple sells each quarter. If one believes the Jiemian site, the accuracy of the Foxconn Assembly robots would reach «that» 0.05 mm, a maximum tolerance of 0.02 mm imposed by Apple to assemble its products. Accuracy 10 times higher than that of these “idiots” robots from automobile, if one believes the words of Zexiang Li, Professor of Robotics of the University of Hong Kong, interviewed by Jiemian. According to him, it will take between one to two additional years before that Foxconn is capable of producing robots sufficiently agile to produce the Apple gadgets. Meanwhile, they are indeed women’s hands which will continue to assemble our smartphones.

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Source : “独家】精度偏差0.03毫米 富士康“百万机器人”计划受挫”, Jiemian, December 4, 2014

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