Robots will do 70% of the work in Foxconn factories by 3 years

Foxconn factoryOn the occasion of the celebrations of the Chinese new year, Terry Gou, CEO of the industrial giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd., aka Foxconn, gave an interview to the Chinese TV. Here for almost 4 years, the CEO, whose company employs 1.3 million workers, had announced to want to deploy 1 million robots in its factories. A goal unattainable, but with the installation of 30,000 new robots every year, the automation of the factory of the world of continues at a breakneck pace.

Foxconn continues the automation of its factories with very ambitious goals

Strongly criticised on the working conditions of the workers of its Chinese factories and after a series of suicides, Terry Gou announced his willingness to replace them with robots in 2011.

Terry Gou, PDG de Foxconn

Terry Gou, Foxconn CEO, gives as a aims to achieve 70% of the work in its factories by robots by 2018 (Source: udn tv).

1 million robots that were to be deployed in just 3 years. A request that all manufacturers in the world could not satisfy. Whatever, the CEO was going to build it even its robots, the «foxbots. four years later, it is far from the account. «Foxconn installs 30,000 robots each year in its factories, which is already colossal, but the “foxbots’ n ‘ have not overwhelmed the world market, seem to not even quite powerful for assembling iPhones. It cannot be improvised Roboticist in so little time.
If the emblematic figure of the robot million now seems forgotten, Terry Gou holds its course. In the interview which has granted to the Chinese chain UDN TV, CEO of Foxxcon explained that its Chengdu plant was already automated and operated 24 hours a day. He delivered his new goal: 70% of the work in its factories will have to be ensured by robots within the next 3 years.
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