The fragmentation of the Android ecosystem in an image

Android-opensignal18.796, this is the number of different Android terminals OpenSignal counted this year in the world. It is more than 63% higher than a year ago. Diversity, some say the continuous fragmentation of the Android ecosystem of to courtrooms. There is more besides on the market, and mechanically different Android terminals more in addition to versions of Android which must coexist, which did nothing to simplify the lives of developers. 20.9% of smartphones running Android 4.4 “Kitkat. Never a version of mobile OS Google does so little dominated the Android ecosystem.

Samsung dominates head and shoulders the planet Android

The distribution of the Android smartphone by mark.

The distribution of the Android smartphone by mark.

If computer graphics made by OpenSignal based on the analysis of 682.000 smartphones reveals a totally fragmented market, the same graphics sorted this time on the fact constructor appear the dominance of Samsung. The Korean won 43% of the Android market while his first challenger represents only 4.8% of the installed base. Impressive.
If the number of manufacturers is undoubtedly a sign of good the Android ecosystem vitality, the multiplicity of the number of versions of the OS remains a problem for Google as for developers. The comparison between ecosystem iOS and Android is uplifting. 91% of Apple devices analyzed by OpenSignal functioned under iOS 7. They were only 20.9% among Android smartphones to run under Kitkat, the latest public version of the Google OS.

Source : “Android Fragmentation Visualized”, OpenSignal study, August 2014

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