The autonomous Mercedes-Benz “Future Truck 2025”, star of the IAA fair

Future-Truck-2015The IAA is a utility vehicle auto show and this year Mercedes-Benz struck a blow in Hanover by exposing its Future Truck 2025. Visually, this new truck stands finally not so concepts that is regularly presented by the manufacturers at such events. Some will find it quite ugly. The big difference is that this Future Truck 2025 is an autonomous truck and he already crossed the German Autobahns.

The Future Truck 2025 prototype finally has a design

The driving position is changing: the driver can back and rotate its head to quietly surf the Web while the truck size road.

The driving position is changing: the driver can back and rotate its head to quietly surf the Web while the truck size road.

Properly seated in the tub of your BMW M3 Chair, riding at high speed on the German Autobahn. While you double a semi-trailer which is dragging on the right lane, your eye is attracted by the reassuring beat of hundreds of LEDs that decorate his body. You look up and there, surprise, the driver is not at the wheel, but dipped in a part of Candy Crush on its touch pad… This scenario is not out of a science fiction movie, it is now a reality. Future Truck 2025 of Mercedes-Benz rolls for months on the German autobahns and manufacturer the present officially at the IAA (International Commercial Vehicle Show)show. A 2014 including baseline edition is “Driving the future. Rather well found.


Mercedes-Benz put on a progressive automation of the conduct

Future-Truck-2015--Tableau-de-bord449 cv, maximum torque of 2,200 newton meters and a box of 12 reports Mercedes PowerShift 3 speed, specialists will appreciate the mechanical performance of the concept unveiled by Mercedes-Benz. Innovation is of course in automation with the truck by German engineers. Turn on options already views such as emergency braking, the «stop» assisted, line tracking, or the GPS maps in 3D. The great innovation of this Future Truck 2025, it is that from 80 km/h, the truck offers his driver to let him hand. The truck is responsible for the conduct, taking care to preserve the safety distances and stay below the maximum speed. Mercedes-Benz has apparently not yet implemented functions such as “platooning”, i.e. run at very low distance from the truck that precedes to save fuel, or even the possibility to his truck to double. This Future Truck 2025′est nevertheless a first significant step towards the autonomous truck. Manufacturer therefore relies on a phased introduction of the robotisation of the conduct, unlike Google which looks more to the ‘all or nothing’, with a car without driving.

Future-Truck-2015---2While the futuristic look of this truck is designed to attract the objectives of photographers, but it also has a function. Indeed, when the truck is in standalone mode, the led will Flash slowly, like a beating heart. A more elegant than a flashing light signal orange on the roof of a forklift. As soon as the driver puts the hands on his flying and that he resumed control of the vehicle, the pulse freezes, Future Truck becomes one truck like the others. Fun, but what is this will be a guarantee of security against other drivers, no one knows. Just as one may doubt the home that will be made by the authority to this concept of cab where the driver can return his chair and away in phase of automatic driving wheel.


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