Gartner: 500 connected devices in every home in 2022

Connected-HomeConnected objects for the home will multiply on the market. Bulb connected to roller shutters, thermostats, security systems, imagination of engineers and marketing departments will go wild. However we are only at the beginning. According to Gartner Group, it will take 2020/2025 for this market is really mature. They believe that while there will be hundreds of connected objects in every home.

Only $ 1 to turn an object to “smart”

Gartner estimates that, since the volumes of connected products will be high, equip any objects sensors and a communication chip will cost almost nothing. $ 1 to be precise. Manufacturers will be able to compete to provide their products to new functions more or less useful although technologically multiple technologies will have to coexist. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, 3G, 4G, etc. It will be a network engineer to enter your home and make coffee in 2020.
Smart HomeIf geeks will probably love this golden age of the connected object announced, those who rub their hands are industrialists. These are going to stand out other than the costs. With the connected objects, they will be able to devise new business model. Analysts suggest subscribing to capsule coffee or vacuum bags where it is the object that sends commands automatically. Another gold mine for them, the Big Data. The industry to monetize data repatriated by these objects connected to their servers. They certainly find advertisers and willing to pay to learn a little more about your little habits marketing directions.

Source : “Gartner Says a Typical Family Home Could Contain More Than 500 Smart Devices by 2022”, Gartner Press Release, September 2014

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