The french Gendarmerie adds 19 aircraft to its fleet of drones

novadem-nx70After 4 first copies a year ago, the National Gendarmerie has awarded Novadem the order of 19 additional drones. These will be used by the police as a means of recognition and search and they will be deployed in metropolitan France and overseas early in the year 2017. Novadem will deliver its model NX70, a drone of 1 kg only with autonomy announced 45 minutes for a radius of 3 km.

The NX70, a micro-drone for the intervention of the gendarmerie units

Manufacturer of drones based in Aix-en-Provence, Novadem specializes in the provision of light drones to the public sector. It already equips the vsav of France, the French army and the SNCF with a small quadcopters. Its model 2 kg NX110 is referenced in the catalogue of UGAP, the platform for the purchase of the French administration. A year ago, the national gendarmerie was the acquisition of 4 copies of this drone, initiating the procedure of tender for a larger number of micro-drones. It is Novadem that finally took the market with its NX70, a micro-drone more compact and less expensive. Flown with a rugged tablet, this one allows to monitor a scene by video or thermal imaging at several km of distance and by winds that can reach up to 60 mph. Its manufacturer says the high level of safety of the aircraft. Electronic navigation has been doubled, the critical sensors tripled while its connections are encrypted with 256-bit keys. Finally, since the drone will have to fly over crowds, it has a parachute of emergency. A security that has its price as the NX70 is charged 20,000 euros each, against a €50,000 for its big brother, the NX110.
Ultra compact, this foldable micro-drone will be implemented by the air forces of the Gendarmerie (GSW) and intervention and monitoring units.

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