Crowdsourcing: Quirky, a think tank for General Electric

Quirky General Electric

GE is separated from his Appliance division, but still eyeing the Smart Home


Aros, air conditioning driven system designed by designers Quirky GE smartphone.

Partner with General Electric, Quirky had received a major investment from its powerful ally, but also access to the portfolio of 500 patents owned by industrial giant. Its designers were free to draw from the inventions necessary to create new products. This was the case of the air conditioning system “smart” Aros, designed by some Garthen Leslie, a member of the community helped by 2988 to reach other members in developing this product for Quirky and GE. This beautiful mechanics seemed to be questioning when General Electric is selling its division “Appliances”, its electrical activity in the summer of 2014.
Quirky has tried to redeem this activity by teaming the bottom Blackstone but this attempt failed. GE has finally sold its Swedish Electrolux for $ 3.3 billion. An operation that deprives Quirky access to these 500 patents.

A community of one million members available for GE

A few weeks later, the situation becomes clear to Ben Kaufman, founder of Quirky. GE does not release the Quirky community count no less than 1 million members to date. A community that has already developed 350 products, of which 150 went to the stage of commercialization. A strike force that General Electric intends to use to position themselves in the market for smart home. The result of this combination is called Wink, mobile and open platform to manage all connected devices in the house. Quirky workshop Fifteen brands are now using it for sixty compatible products today.
Atelier-QuirkyUne quinzaine de marques y ont aujourd’hui recours, pour une soixantaine de produits aujourd’hui compatibles.
GE makes a comeback in the world of connected home … without the expense and risks of an industrial division. Replace 12,000 employees by a community of 1 million volunteers, a new model of industrial change?
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