What “Millennials” expect from automotive ?

MillennialsThey consider the old-fashioned, polluting, car a waste of time to move in the city or over long distances, a statutory object that has more reason to be… The perception of the car by the new generations is a major concern for the automakers. These generations Y or “Millennials” born in digital, no longer have the same dreams of speed and power than their elders. A survey of Americans shows that interests have changed much and that their criteria for selection of a vehicle no longer have much to do with those motorists over age 45.

The car is no more seen as a high-tech product

The car is more considered with advanced technology. It is one of the findings of the survey conducted by Lochbridge 1.194 Americans over 18 years. Only 7.5% of inter – they reported that the car is an advanced technology, compared with 53% who put before mobile. That they are wrong or not, the perception of the public is hardly favourable for the automotive industry and interests moved to the mobile.
textingWhat new generations asked manufacturers will be Grizzly hair under our police helmet. 64% of 18/24 years indeed wish to have access to their smartphone apps while driving. This should encourage the manufacturers to install Android Auto or Apple Carplay in their vehicle infotainment system. This interest in apps decreases with the age of the driver. 19% aged over 65 are interested about the same.

Security, the most important criteria for all

An element is common to all generations, the need for security. This is test number 1 for all the ages of the study. On other criteria, there is a split between the younger generations and senior citizens. Some are interested have multimedia function advanced to have Internet connectivity but also be more productive. Beyond 35 years, it is less and less the case and spent 55 years, these needs become anecdotal. More astonishing, the youngest want to almost 80% that their car is able to “recognize”. Custom, communicating, multimedia and social, the car of the future will have to rely on digital rather than mechanics to seduce the “Millennials.”
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Source : “Desire for In-Vehicle Connectivity Compels Millennials to Choose Smartphones While Driving”, Lochbridge press release , August 26, 2014

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